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A direct partner in Tonnellerie Orion in France and the sole US representative for 2B FermControl fermentation products

Florian, our right hand to Christophe in production.

Quality on an artisanal level

Tonnellerie Orion is a hands on partnership between Christophe Garcia, Franck Monteau and Bayard Fox. 

2B FermControl has created a radically new approach to fermentation kinetics and the subsequent  organoleptic impacts.

Troncais forest

Testimonials from the industry

References from Michel Rolland and Vega Sicilia to Shafer Vineyards for our cooperage. 

Dumol, Spottswoode, Blackbird, Seghesio and many others for the 2B FermControl products uniquely USDA & EU certified organic, not because it is green, but because it works!

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Yes, you can visit us at our home office, our dog is friendly.

Both Megan and I are frequently traveling, so please check with us first.

Bayard Fox Selections

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